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    About a month and half ago, my Treo 600 and I went for swim together to retrieve my young daughter from being over her head in a pool. I had to make a choice and the treo lost did I to the tune a several hundred bucks to replace it.

    Anyway, I have the original Treo600 and I opended the case, dried it out, charged it and it seems to be semi functional. The unit holds a charge. The screen illuminates but does not display anything, and the I was able to log into the TMobile network and make a call. The mic worked by the earpiece made a horrible squeeling noise.

    Since I am not inclined to try to troubleshoot and repair the thing, I would like to see it go to someone who may be able to salvage some or all of it. Make me an offer I wouldn't want to refuse and its yours....I

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