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    Hey guys... i've decided to part with my T650 since my company has provided me with a nextel smartphone. I've had it for several months, but it has not been used for the past 6 since I got a company phone that I need. Carried the treo around for a few weeks for net access but that got old. This is a Cingular based Treo. Comes with original box, software disk and user manual + cigarette lighter plug. Has a screen protector on the screen already. I'm going to miss this phone. I think i'll be one of the first Windows Treo customers.

    $300.00 obo shipping included for this one.

    If you are interested and would feel safer having me list this as an eBay ad for added protection to paypal, i'll be happy to do that. I have 308 feedbacks on ebay with a 99.7% positive rating. Also, if you have anymore questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to email me at If you'd like to contact me by telephone, i'll email you back my phone number.

    Thanks in advance
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    A few people requested pictures of what I have so here we go. The only thing not pictured here is the cig plug. Its in the wife's car and she's out. I forgot to mention the desktop cradle/charger/sync that I have as well. Its pictured here too. Thanks for the emails.

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    1st dibs. pmed/ emailed you
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    payment sent via paypal!

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