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    Believe or not, I have 3 Treo 650 available for sale, actually. All brand new, unbranded, GSM, new-in-box, never been used.

    I bought those for my personal business, then decided on something else instead. Myself and my wife each also own one for some time and not only we are happy, we are so proud of having them.

    I am pricing it lower than what I paid for month ago. I am asking for $450, plus $10 standard shipping. (add 3% for if you would like to pay with Paypal)

    For your firm order, please email to or call directly at 312-404-2200.

    Trust is as important as having a Treo with a fresh new out-of-box smell. You can view my ebay history, if you like. My id is ‘keremarig’ and I have 100% rating. You can also check my postings on this forum.

    I will wait about a week, then place on ebay.
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