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    im selling my verizonized treo 650
    had it since april

    comes with
    everything in box meaning charger, stylus, sync cable, manual
    also comes with the hand made data cable that you use to convert the sprint treo to verizon (this is necessary when running sprint firmware updates)
    also comes with belt clip and a 128 mb SD card

    the screen is scratch less, ive had a boxwave crystal on it since i bought it
    the body is normal condition, there are minor wear and tear scratches on the bottom and top...if u were to put a cover over the wouldnt seen anything....but overall good condition

    ive sold 4 other verizonized treos on this board, and have had positive feedback from all buyers, if u check my old sale threads u can see it for your self

    im just selling my own phone now, cause i want to leave verizon...and move to a gsm carrier..

    on a side note, seeing as this phone is verizonized are able to use the verizon data network for Free (it uses your minutes, therefore weeknds are free) and i can gaurantee that...because i have been doing it since april...and have not been billed at all...

    any questiosn..just ask or email
    $350 plus shipping....or best offer

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    I Bought 3 from this guy...he is Honest and Trustworthy and a pleasure to do business with..Check Your Pm's as I am intrested myself in
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    i just realized i dont have the box and manual
    so i will be cutting the price to $300 shipped

    here are some pics for reference

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