1. Handspring Treo 300, w/ new screen and digitizer and battery
2. 2-Handspring Prism, one working good, the other not so good
3. 2-Visor phones, GSM
4. Sprint Airprime phone module
5. Innogear MP3 player module
6. Eyemodule 2
7. Backup module
8. 8MB Flash Module
9. Targus Voice Recorder Module
10. 2-visor phone cases
11. 2-car chargers for Prism

I realize these are old and outdated technology, but was wondering if anyone has any interest in any of the above for eitehr use or parts or antiques?

As you can see, i started with the Prism-Prism/Visor Phone-Prism/Airprime-Treo 300. Now i have the Treo 600-Treo 650 and mabe teh Treo 700w or p. I am just looking to clean out my basement.

Any interest?