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    Well, I just called to get my fourth replacement, and, I must say, customer service was quite friendly and quick in helping me.

    I am dissappointed in having to return my visor every three months though. My first one stopped working, the second fell and the screen shattered, the third (my current one) has cracks forming all around the case.

    Oh long as they keep replacing it for me...
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    My sympathies on having such bad luck with Visors. I've had mine for right at a year now, and it just started having problems. Fortunately, though, I called up Handspring and they are happily issuing me a replacement. In fact, I was amazed that they were sending the new unit BEFORE I have to send the old one back! Wow!

    They promised 4 to 5 business days turnaround... Do you think that is realistic? I've NEVER rec'd anything from them in under 5 weeks!

    I asked about taking advantage of this situation and upgrading to a Platinum or Prism by just paying the difference... No luck. Oh, well... Can't complain! I think it is awful nice of them to simply replace my unit 12 months later!
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    The turnaround for when I broke my plastic belt clip <irregardless I still say they are pretty damn cool and worth the money> was only 3 days! The most amazing part of that is that I go to school in Michigan's Upper Peninsula which is known for it exceedingly slow mail service.

    "Ooh I didn't know the new gameboy was out already" - most overheard phrase while using my Ice colored Visor
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    Almost not willing to believe it, My new Visor Deluxe replacement unit arrived yesterday... Barely 48 hours after placing the order! I've got everything loaded up on it and am returning the old one tomorrow! Great job, Handspring!

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