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    Hey all,

    does anyone have a Visor Solo for sale/trade? Stylus not needed, Cradle is. I also have alot of PC Computer hardware for trade, if that is an avenue to go down...

    thanks much,
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    A solo does not come with cradle...
    The 'regular' Visor does...

    b.t.w. the 'regular' Visor is on sale at handsprings website, it sell for the price of a solo ($149) now
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    Target is selling the Visor 2MB for that price now this week, at least in the Detroit area.
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    ya, i was aware the solo came without a cradle...i thought it may be easier for someone to just sell me their Visor Unit, and i could pick up a cradle somewhere else, or later on somewhere.

    I was also hoping to trade, or get it for cheaper than a B&M place...


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