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    Anyone out there have any ATL HotSync connectors that they could sell me?

    Or does anyone have an order for ATL the exceeds the minimum order requirement that I could add an order for some HotSync connectors to?

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    I need a few connectors also....
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    I've found dealing with ATL a very unsatisfactory experience. I was bounced around to 4 different people just trying to find out how I could gain access to their website to see if there were other products that I was interested in. I got some 19 year old kid who didn't know anything. I realize that their primary market is custom building large orders, etc but they could do some half-decent business by selling through to hobbyists and other folk like those on VisorCentral who want HotSync connectors. $65 minimum - sheesh!!

    I'll arrange an ATL order if there's enough interest.

    alexv, how many connectors do you want?

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    I'll take 3-4. Also I ask Wayne Chin, if he wants some.
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    Wayne is considering making some more cables if he can get enough people together to meet the minimum order requirement .

    Even if you didn't want to buy his cable, you could combine your orders.

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