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    Specifically, anyone know if it is available at Staples? I wanted to use one of the discount coupons to buy my first PDA.
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    don't know if staples has it in stock at their b&m locations.

    in fact, has a limited selection of handspring accessories.

    if you're willing to purchase a vpl through, they're offering free shipping on the vpl.

    there's also a $50 off $200 coupon (AMZN-ELEC-TRNC).

    $299 visor platinum @
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    Thanks so much for your help. I just ordered it today! Upon ordering, it allowed me to apply the discount from Amazon, but after receiving the confirmation email, it said it was 299. what gives? i hope they give me the discount.

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    that's odd...

    your email confirmation should reflect the discount. if it doesn't, log into your account, and check your order history on this page.

    should you discover that the discount wasn't applied to your order, contact amazon's customer service at 1-800-201-7575, or send them an email at

    my experiences with their CSRs have been extremely helpful. i'd also recommend calling them for a faster response...especially during the busy holiday season.
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    just one more thing...

    i'm sorry for not mentioning that you needed to request to speak with an order specialist. apparently they're the only ones who are authorized to fix the error.
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    You are exactly right, I spoke to the order specialist and took care of everything, although i had to wait on the phone for a good fifteen minutes. Thanks again for your advice. Interestingly, my email that i sent after the pricing mistake was made has yet to be answered.

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