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    First I want to say that, all things being equal or nearly equal, I would order from TreoCentral rather than any other vendor, to thank them for this useful forum.

    TreoCentral offers a deal where the real vendor behind the scenes is The current price for a Sprint 650 is $420, less a $130 rebate. I placed on an order for this on Sept 28th, and wound up cancelling it yesterday because it got stuck in wirefly's system somehow. They claimed that they had tried to contact me several times, but if they did then any email got caught in my Yahoo spam filter, and they didn't leave any phone messages.

    Anyhow, yesterday I looked at wirefly's web site and found that they are offering the Sprint 650 for $390, less $190 in rebates. So I went ahead and placed an order with them, which will hopefully ship today.

    Wirefly has a pretty terrible reputation, see e.g.:

    But if you're going to take a chance and order from wirefly anyhow, as I have done, you can save $30 now and (in principle) $60 in rebates six months from now, by buying directly from them.

    Note that pricing changes frequently, and I encourage anyone who reads this thread to check the TreoCentral price before ordering directly from Wirefly. In any case, one should think twice about buying from Wirefly, directly or indirectly. Although I will use certified mail, I rate my chances of actually receiving my rebates at 70% or so.
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    So can you just buy the Treo 650 for $390 outright without any contract?
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    No, a 2-year contract is required. But on this forum and/or Ebay, you might be able to find a phone without a contract.

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