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    If you have one for sale please let me know. I have references on different boards including and ebay with 100% feedback.

    Please PM or post what you have, contact, and price.

    Thanks alot!!


    *EDIT* Sorry, this is also first post so if theres any rules I'm breaking, I apologize upfront.
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    Being a HB662 owner, I suggest to you that there are better headsets than it. Ben
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    got one for $50 for sale, brand new,email is and paypal addy is to send payment can ship out tomm
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    bclinger - Thanks for the headsup! I just ordered the HBH-610 so we'll see how it works out. Could you please post a bit on your experiences? Thanks again for the comment.

    Klurfdawg23 - Thanks for the offer! If the 610 doesnt work out, I'll be sure to pick yours up! Appreciate the reply.

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