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    i got this case from it arrive today, threw it on the phone..i dont like it AT all. its 2 bad.
    but anyway, sells them for 34.95 plus a 10 dollar UPS shipping fee.
    Im selling for 30 Shipped to your door USPS Priority mail.
    Zcover is in canada, i waited 9 days for this thing.. comes with everything on there wrebsite, heres a link for the lazy ones.
    30 is the lowest ill go, so please dont ask if ill take 29 28 27 26 25..etc etc. i paid 45 for this. got it today, i dont like it. buy it now for 15 dollars less there price. if u want a picture let me know.
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    anybody? ok ok..ill take 25 for it...or maybe some trades. let me know what u got.

    maybe a 256 or 512 sd card.
    a holster with a 180 degree swivel (just the ones that clip onto the phone itself)
    some more slylus
    screen protectors
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    top it off. anyone?
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    $20 via PayPal?
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    I would go 25 PayPal delivered. Whereabouts in Jersey?
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    monmouth. howell.
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    I'm in Hunterdon.

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