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    Like new Verizon Wireless Treo 650
    All original packaging & contents

    Extras include:
    Charging cradle (Palm)
    Extra battery (Palm)
    Screen protector (Boxwave; one on unit + one extra)
    eGrips on unit
    Covertec horizontal case (black leather)
    Retractable sync/charge USB cable w/ sync button (Seidio)
    8" sync/charge USB cable, no sync button (Seidio)

    $450 obo, includes UPS/USPS shipping in US
    Prefer payment by Paypal

    Got it the end of May, so its just 4 months old and very gently used (never dropped)
    I decided to switch to BlackBerry 7250 (to each, his own ...)

    I also have latest version of software I won't be using anymore. They're registered in my name, but I'd give 'em to the buyer if he/she wanted them. Titles include:
    Beyond Contacts
    Documents to Go Pro
    SplashWallet Suite
    Tube - Washington, DC

    For every one of us who leaves, undoubtedly there are Treo converts to take our place.

    Photo file size too large to include here. However, I can email a photo to anyone who wants to see Treo & extras together.
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    This includes shipping. I'll install the new ROM update today.

    - JR

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