I have a working Treo 650. It shows wear and tear, but works great. Missing stylus and alt button sticks occasionally. I think I have all the manuals and CD-Rom that came with it. Has a few games including a registered version of Kalemsoft NESem. 256MB SanDisk SD card included aswell as a Treo 600 Proclip holster and a Seidio stereo headset. I will try and get picks up in the next couple days. No lowball offers please, this phone is in working condition and was not treated rough, I just use it daily and subsequently it shows wear. Battery holds a good charge and will easily go the whole day.

Installed software:
Bob's Alarm
Directory Assistance
Acid Solitaire
Palm reader and about 4 or 5 more games.

Please either make offers in this thread or send me a private message.