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    Starting Price: $500
    Buy-it-Now Price: $750 obo
    Color: Blue/Gray

    Included: Treo 650, 2 GB SD card, 2 Charging cables, 2 USB cables, 1 USB bluetooth adapter, 1 car charger, 1 Vaja Leather case, $800 of apps I purchased and installed on the Treo will be included (PM me for details)

    Life Timer: 4743
    Used/Tested Networks: Sprint
    Condition: Like New. NO scratches or dings on screen or case.

    Selling Details:
    Location: Southern California
    Shipping: UPS
    Payment: PayPal

    Additional Details
    Accessories: 2 GB SanDisk SD card (purchased for $130 on eBay), 2 charging cables ($15 ea.), 2 USB cables($15 ea.), 1 car charger ($20), 1 USB bluetooth adapter (bluetooth hotsync or DUN $50), 1 Vaja Leather case ($110)

    Approx. Value of items listed above(Not including the Treo 650): $863.00+

    I have customized my Treo VERY well to suite my needs. This includes having the latest official Sprint ROM (1.12) installed. I have customized that ROM to remove some unused apps like RealPlayer, Versamail etc. I have placed some items like Chatteremail and 2day in ROM to help maximize my RAM space. At your request, I can convert the ROM to the factory original Sprint 1.12.

    Please PM me for more any more details you desire. Thank you!
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    Dang.. for $750 u might as well get the 6700 and save.
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    Seems somebody is switching to the 6700.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damigs
    Dang.. for $750 u might as well get the 6700 and save.
    Thanks for your expert analysis.

    Try and get a 6700 with an extra $1,000 plus in accessories and apps for $500.
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    ok guys lets not turn this into a flamewar.

    If you dont like the price don't buy it.
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