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    I have a Treo 650 GSM/Cingular for sale. Its got its orginal accessories that came with the phone. It has a 512 SD card and Motorola Bluetooth headset...$420.00 + shipping. Thanks.
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    Whats the laughter for...ripping someone off??? j/k

    Is the phone unlocked? Need some type of pics to see condition.
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    Is this phone still available?
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    would you be willing to sell just the sd card?

    Let me know, Joe
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    As soon as I get pics then I will shoot them to this forum. Sorry not here right now, flying over what's left of my sisters house in Texas.
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    Yes its still available.
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    Okay heres the final price I'm willing to sell it at. $300.00 with the treo case holder/clip. with a 256mb SD card and all the original software, cables and instructions. Also comes with the Motorola bluetooth HS801 headset. Thanks.
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    Well its on Ebay if you are interested...
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