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    Hello Folks -

    I'm looking to sell or trade my Treo 650 (Cingular) for a WM2003 or WM5 smartphone. Will consider deals that include a similarly priced WM handset...

    My Treo has been lovingly screen protected since day 1... though it does have a scratch on the bezel around the screen. eGrips installed... car and AC adapters included. Also, a zCover silicone case and Treo Leather case... Sync cable as well.

    If you have something to trade, drop me a line at stac at hyperpowered dot com - if you'd rather see a cold, hard cash number, I'm thinking that I could get by with $350 for all of the above.

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    How about a audiovox smt 5600. Contact me @
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    Or a new HP Ipaq 6300 series. Wifi, bluetooth headset, 256 SD card.
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    I may be interested. Drop me an email pls if you still have it.
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    PM'd you!

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