Hi, I am willing to sell my Palm IIIc which has a crisp active matrix display for a Visor Platinum. The Palm IIIc is worth a hundred dollars more, so you can sell it on Ebay and even get a profit off of this.
There is no problems with the Palm IIIc. It comes with a Direct Serial connection for HotSync, has great color that makes Avantgo channels such as MSN Mobile, Yahoo! and even Visor Central colorful. Comes with a manual with 200+ pages, add-on catalog, and software CD.
If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at <a href="mailto:tlucero75@hotmail.com">tlucero75@hotmail.com</a>. The Visor Platinum must have everything included, with no damage to it whatsoever. You can also expect that from the item I'm willing to exchange.
I know it seems ridiculous, but I want to buy some Springboard modules for the Visor Platinum.