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    I have an unopened Unbranded Treo 650, along with the unbranded T650 I use now. I have kept it in my closet in case I break my T650, but I was wondering how much I could sell it for right now. I haven't been able to get insurance, so I'm not sure if I'll sell it.

    Thanks for any info...
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    I may be interested if you offer for sale. If you do so, you can contact me at

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    Well, the warranty is ticking away whether or not you've used it, and a new one can be bought with full warranty for $649 shipped (I know- I just ordered one yesterday), and eBay prices all hover around $500, so you make the call.
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    I never had one before. Normally I was (still am) determined to wait a few more months for the upcoming Treo. If I only find a good deal in the meanwhile, I can change my mind. I dont intend to turn this to barganing, as far as my own reasoning, $375 would be meaningful to me in order to spend for the current model to be replaced in a few more months, plus nearing warranty issue as you mentioned.

    I check eBay time to time as well. Currently, buy-it-now prices for brand new ones with full warranty go as low as $475, which leaves about $445 to seller after listing and paypal fees.

    How soon does the warranty expire, btw?

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    How long is the warranty good for? I don't recall. I've had mine since February.
    Apple iPhone 8GB
    Apple 15" Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz C2D
    Retired Treo 650

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