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    I have a Treo 650 (unbranded, unlocked) that has been lightly used for about 2 weeks. It was my "spare" unit, but it hasn't seen any real use. It has a Treo Store anti-glare screen protector installed.

    I'm in no hurry to get rid of it (if at all), but if someone's interested in doing a deal via PayPal and the numbers sound right, I'll probably be more than happy to sell it. I have everything, including box.

    Edit: I'm looking for fair market value, not interesting trades or lowball figures
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    email me...i'm in the market for a new toy.

    thanks, Joe
    Long live the TWIT army!

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    I can offer $350. Unfortunately and very candidly, this is how much I can effort now. I hope I dont upset you with my number. I would be delighted if you accept it. my email is
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    check your email.

    Long live the TWIT army!

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    Long live the TWIT army!

    MKast Wireless
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    I've got $425 burning a hole in my pocket. Contact me. Thanks.

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