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    Need your experiences / thoughts?

    Funny that it has been like girl introduced to me in a party that I can't get out of my head!!! Despite being very familiar with Palm and most of its products in the past, you might be surprised but I had never seen / spotted a Treo until recently. Now, I do everywhere!!!

    I saw it first time belonging to one of my friends, couple of months ago. I played with it, then read a lot about it. Now, I can't wait to get one for myself.

    Palm and other retailers sell around $550-600. In eBay, people pushing each other to buy any one listed, and amazingly most of the time, bids end up too close to retail price, which I don't really see a great benefit buying from a well know retailer instead.

    Anyhow, my questions are as following:

    1) Since we are getting close to Xmas season, when most companies introduce their new products, would you recommend to wait until the next Treo?

    2) How reliable do you think or to your experience to buy a brand new Treo from eBay? (any idea by the way, how do those sellers get brand new units? Directly from Palm itself at a bulk price or are those -hope not- stolen?)

    Thanks for your inputs already, the great Treo Community.
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    Read about my terrible ebay experience buying a Treo:

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    Nothing good seems to happen when buying a Treo on Ebay, avoid.
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    I have purchased two Treos from eBay having no problem with either transaction. They key is to pay close attention to the sellers feedback, checking to see what they have sold in the past and what the results were. Get as much information about the phone as possible, especially the ESN. Check with the service provider to be sure the phone can be programmed before bidding.

    My rule for buying anything from eBay is to not make a purchase from a seller who has a feedback score lower than 99% and has less than 75-100 transactions. Be very careful if you are going to get a Treo from eBay because there seems to be a great deal of fraud with people either selling refurbished phones listed as new, or selling phones they don't have.
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    Also, I always pay using my credit card via PayPal. I NEVER send checks, money orders, or use my bank account to transfer money using PayPal because I want the added protection from Visa or MasterCard should a problem occur.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. Very much appreciated.
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    i got mine on ebay. i got an unlocked one. works great. got it over night. great price. 550 i believe it was including everything..shipping
    this is the guy i got it from. GREAT cumminication!
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    i got mine on ebay as well... Unlocked Cingular model and use it on T-mobile. Works like a champ. paid $520 and worth every penny!

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