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    I now have a Treo 650 and don't want my Treo 600 GPS to go to waste. If somebody wants it, please email me at:

    tubby_bartles at my hotmail account ( I'll send it to the first valid address I receive and post here when it's no longer available.

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    FYI, this is NOT a Treo 600 -- it's the i.Trek GPS *for* the Treo 600 I'm giving away. You must already have your own Treo 600 and can buy Mapopolis maps on your own (my subscription expired since it's already a year old).
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    Why dont you use it with the 650? it is a BT GPS right?
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    Ok, I sent you an email ;-)
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    i want it!
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    OK, I got my email -- sorry, it's gone now. I wish I had more to give.

    To answer the question of why I don't use it with the 650 - it has a cable that only works with the 600, and so I already bought a bluetooth GPS for the 650.

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