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    Hi, I've been a long-time 'background member' of Treocentral (i.e not registered :P )

    I will sell for 125 as i think this is a reasonable price (cheapest I have seen for them new is 176).
    If you don't think this is reasonable for the device, I will accept offers so please feel free.
    I WILL SUPPLY IT WITH A 256MB INTEGRALMEMORY SDIO CARD (this does not come as standard and was worth about 40 when I bought it)

    I'll ship to where-ever you want as long as you pay and I receive that payment beforehand, happy to use Paypal etc if it puts you at ease.

    Second-Hand Treo
    (UNLOCKED - I know this because this phone has been around the world with me, up mountains, and used in Spain, Argentina and the USA - it should therefore work on all 'normal' UK or non UK networks)
    I have used for about a year, every day (reading books /phone calls mainly) some small signs of wear but everything works 100%. Screen / camera have no scratches or imperfections that I can see.
    Comes with manuals / CDs / charger / headphones / protective wallet.
    It has the small orange logo on the top right of the phone front, but it is completely unlocked.
    The firmware has been upgraded a few times and I will leave this latest firmware installed, but I will wipe the other software before sending because of personal information / software.

    Current versions read...
    Firmware: 3.05
    Software: Treo600-1.12-OUK
    Hardware: Treo 600 x.y

    I lost the original 32MB SDIO card that comes with the Treo600 with Orange, which is why I am supplying it with a 256MB card.

    My reason for selling the phone is purely that am changing mobile companies as I dont get great reception with Orange at work or at home, so have changed to the O2 network and received a new mobile.
    I'm happy to give any more information if requested and as I said before I am happy to let you pay me through any reasonable method (not overly costly to me) if it ensures your peace of mind.
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    Why isnt this thread showing up in the marketplace section!?

    EDIT: Ok so it is now i've replied, a day or so later... real weird :P Anyway, offer still stands, any interest!?

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