I have already bought a new 650... after an interesting ebay experience. I would like to offer my old 600 to treocentral users before I put it on ebay. I have all the 'normal' accesories as well as little extras built up over my ownership, such as:

Car charger
Travel charger(s)
sync cable(s)

The 600 is an original handspring unlocked GSM unit with ROW software installed. I have replaced the battery with the higher capacity battery and performed the buzz fix (both wire twist and shielding).

The unit shows a slight amount of wear but has lived in a case it's entire life. The only thing other than a bit of paint worn off by the stitching of the case and around the stylus hole, is some cosmetic damage on the bottom from my inept initial opening of the case.

Everything is working just dandy on the unit at this time.

PM me with a reasonable offer and it's yours!