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    I got a confirmation that my USB Travel Charger for the Prism shipped. It had been on back order since I ordered it (the day Prism was released).
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    I received my travel charger this morning. Handspring's web page says the travel charger "Comes complete with International plug adapters." Mine did not come with any international plug adapters. Did anyone else get these?
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    I didn't get any adapters either, I was wondering what the deal was also. I would be interested in finding out if anyone received adapters.

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    I didn't get my adapters either. BTW, is VisorCentral deleting postings after a while, I cannot find my previous posting about the travel charger.

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    I did not receive travel adapters either. Also the picture of the adapter at is different, I think amazon has the wrong picture. Please post if anyone calls handspring about the adapter.
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    I called Handspring. We were indeed supposed to get adpaters. They are sending me a whole new travel charger, and I have to send mine back, and they had to take my credit card number as insurance that I will send my old charger back. I didn't complain, but this seems to be a lot of hassle for me to go through because they screwed up and sent a box without the adapters, apparently to a large number of people. I prefer if they'd just send the adapters separately.

    So if you didn't get your adapters and you need or want them, I suggest calling Handspring. They should take care of you, although not without some inconvenience.
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    I just got my replacement travel charger, since the first did not have the promised international adapters. Guess what? The replacement doesn't have the adapters either. Very clever.
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    the site is no help re showing if their usb travel charger for the Visor Prism is less bulky than carrying the regular charging cradle + AC adapter...wanting to know if their travel charger will be less bulky than carrying the AC adapter unit and the adapter soon to be sold by third parties such as
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    International Adapters Saga Continues!

    First travel charger did not have international adapters. Called Customer Support. They sent a second travel charger. It did not have international adapters. Called Customer Support again. They promised this time to send me the adapters separately. Adapters never arrived. Called customer support again. Now they say that the travel charger does not come with any international adapters, and I will not be getting them at all unless I go to Radio Shack and by adapters myself. They've also changed the web site, so the description of the travel charger now makes no mention of the adapters. What a load of crap.
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    That differs from the story I got when I called back. They told me that they were having trouble with the adapters coming with the kit and that it would be sent automatically at a later date (something like a month from now). I didn't have to send mine back or give my name or order number or anything.

    Haven't seen them yet, so who knows, but that's the story I got when I called yesterday.
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    There was some confusion as to what was to come with the travel charger. The fact is there will be no adapters sent with the travel charger.

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