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    I want to get one the PDAs in the subject line. If I get the Platinum I get a nice looking PDA, and a fast PDA so I don't have to worry to much about an outdated PDA anytime soon.
    But the Visor Deluxe is $50 cheaper and I think PDAs are a bit expensive for me. But I dont know how much speed will mean to me, but the $50 might mean alot to me.
    The Palm IIIxe is the same price as the Visor deluxe but is more functional because of its flash ROM. This is important because I will want to sell my pDA in about 2 years.
    But the Palm IIIxe looks a bit plain.
    How much better is the screen on the platinum, I will be using it for photos so this is a small bit important.
    Would someone help me out here Please!

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    It depends.

    If you don't have a use for the Springboard slot, then you may want to go with the Palm IIIxe. If you like to Springboard slot, but aren't likely to buy wireless communications modules for it, then you should go with the Visor Deluxe. If you like the Springboard slot and want to be able to have PQA support with your wireless communications modules, then you should definitely go with the Visor Platinum--or if you just like the way the Platinum looks compared to the Deluxe, you should go with the Platinum.

    Be advised that the Platinum is painted plastic, not metal. The IIIxe is a much sturdier machine. Unless the Springboard slot is really important to you, or you have some other reason for wanting to patronize Handspring vs. Palm, you should definitely go with the IIIxe.

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