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    Hello all in TC land....

    I finally ported all my data from my Treo 600 to my new Treo 650 and just did a hard reset for the Treo 600. My former Treo 600 has the ROM software patch update with the built-in Versamail e-mail program.

    The phone is four months old, a replacement from Sprint's insurance program (LockLine Insurance). Have all the paperwork for it. It is a palmOne branded Treo (as opposed to Handspring). I still have the original Handspring box packaging/user manual (cool collectible!)


    + (1) Treo 600 Vaja Classic Case--Ostrich style. With belt clip, snap closure, and slots for 2 Secure Digital (SD) cards. Case has aged well, still looks nice. Case protects the screen from bumps and scratches.
    + (2) Treo 600 cradles
    + (1) (Handspring) Treo 600 synch software CD-ROM (Palm Desktop)
    + (1) updated palmOne synch software CD-ROM
    + (1) original AC cord/sync cord and phone headset
    + (1) extra used wired phone headset (Sony version)
    + (1) Docs to Go, Version 6 (CD-ROM)
    + (1) Javo Edge recharge kit (retractable cord and car/home plug adapters).

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    I am selling basically the same thing on ebay as well:

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