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    So, my "wonderful" belt-case failed me and my Treo 650 went skidding across the parking lot, scratching and shredding the front and a little bit of the back of the enclosure.

    If anyone has a broken Treo 650, GSM model, that they would part out, please let me know. I need the front and back enclosure.

    e-mail "the knife @ gmail . com" (no spaces)

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    If you just want the enclosure, why does it need to be unlocked? I understand the GSM part (for your SIM card) but it doesn't seem like the phone would need to be unlocked. Unbranded, I could see....
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    Oh, that doesn't matter. I was just specifing what model I had.

    I don't really care if it's branded. I guess I shouldn't have put that in the title, eh? Just wanted to make sure I didn't end up with a Sprint enclosure.

    Edited the title. Thank goodness for that ability. Some forums I'm in, you havre to beg and plead with a mod to get a title changed.
    Unlocked P1 T650 + 12" Powerbook + Scion xA = Happiness
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    What is wrong with the Sprint enclosure?
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    Sprint phones are CDMA and don't have the SIM card slot in the top like the GSM models. I'd have to Dremel out a slot, potentially for that. There might be other internal differences.

    I still might be interested in the Sprint enclosure if the price is right, (I've asked Goober about that) because I might be able to use the front one, at least.
    Unlocked P1 T650 + 12" Powerbook + Scion xA = Happiness

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