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    Well, I bought my VDX in May; and it didn't work. I begged them to send me a replacement, even after 30 days had passed. Well, now we are in Nov. I got a minijam last week, and IT didn't work. So I got a replacement from Innogear. Then, the 2nd replacement (minijam) didn't work. I called handspring and complained. And guesse what?

    They are sending me a Platinum as a trade for my Visor Deluxe AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

    I am so happy!

    for all of you out there with defective Handspring!!
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    You didn't get any for us?


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    Did they give you a reason as to why they were sending you a Platinum instead of a Deluxe?

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    I told them I was fed up with my VDX not working, and the fact that the new springboard modules are not going to support VDX (Omnisky). I have tried out 2 different VDX, and neither one worked. I tolf them I wanted a better one, that was more reliable. The guy said he couldn't send me a VPL as a replacement, and I asked him to ask his manager. The Manager said ok.

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    complain compain and complain..
    if you do enuff of that you'll get better product.

    I work in a tech support/rma field, only front line. Management will tell us to fight those complainer off etc etc. when they pass us they're getting what they wanted and I'm the one who get to call those people back and give them what they want.
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    I am sorry for Handspring CS now. Now everyone and their grandparents are going to call up to get free Platinums.
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    First off...I didn't complain....I demanded that Handspring give me a product that WORKED! :-)

    Second, not everyone can get a free Platinum. I bought a VDX...5 months ago...And it hasn't worked right since. Trust me, after 2 visors...I was tired of it.


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    they are very very nice at handspring
    All about PDAs but especially for the Visor in french for the moment
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