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    Hello folks! I have 2 Compact Flash springboards of the "short" variety for sale. These are manufactured according to the specs dkessler provided in the "Flash adaptor CF springboard instructions online!" thread in the sprigboards forum.
    The software is still in development (to be released within the next two weeks or so according to Kopsis engineering)and you could easily make these yourself -- if you want to invest the time, and locate all the parts (as well as buy them in the large lots required).

    Anyway I have two for sale $50 each plus shipping method of your choice. I accept Visa/MC and paypal. If interested please send me an email to

    In order to make these I have been employing some formerly laid off employees, and if there is enough interest, I can begin manufacturing them on a regular basis.
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    Incidentally, in your email please provide a zip code so I can calculate shipping costs

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