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    I called Handspring yesterday to ask about Prism availability and they told me it was backordered, but after ordering it online, I checked the status this morning and it says "Awaiting Shipment". Does this mean it is packed and ready to go, or is that the status they apply to Backordered?

    I'd like to know for sure because I want to order a Minstrel when my Prism is ready to ship.
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    Awaiting shipment means they've not sent it out yet. I was told by a HS customer rep that they don't update their site status on a regular basis, but to call from time to time. I ordered a Prism and recieved it and their web site still said the order was 'awaiting shipment.'
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    That doesn't really answer my question. My question is do they say "Backordered" when it is backordered? Does "Awaiting Shipment" mean that it will be shipped on Monday? If "Awaiting Shipment" is what they put in there instead of "Backordered", that is very misleading.
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    My order has been "awaiting shipment" since October 24th and it is officially "back-ordered". I don't think Handspring put a "back-ordered" status on the web site.
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    Ordered on the 11th. Shipped on the 14th. En route from Salt Lake City to Chicago. ETA 20th (I expect (hope?) by Friday, though). Ordered Omnisky modem yesterday. If I'm lucky, these items will arrive on the same day.

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    My Prism also shipped on 11/14/00 from Salt Lake City, UT in transit to VA, scheduled for delivery on 11/21/00. I was hoping Handspring had a distribution center on the East Coast. (I thought they had one in KY since they charge those residents sales tax.)

    UPS Ground is soooo slooow. Oh well, patience is a virtue, right?

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    My Prism and travel charger is finally shipped!
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    My Minstrel shipped this morning from Indianapolis. Which means it is probably here in Chicago already.
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    Prism is in the Chicago Depot as of 8 this morning and Minstrel is probably on a truck headed for my house.
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    You just have to laugh.

    I have the Omnisky Minstrel Modem in my hot little hands, but my Prism is sitting in some UPS Depot in this area. I tried to use the Minstrel with my VDX, but the Omnisky config program has that stupid OS check in there. So close, yet so far!
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    In the process of trying to restore my data/some apps without crashing.

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