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    Hi there,

    Through some crazy cingluar blue/orange stuff I had to go through, I've ended up with a extra GSM Treo 650.

    This phone is new in the box, with all the original accessories.

    I've since obtained (and verified) the unlock codes for the phone, and installed the latest ROW (rest-of-world) firmware. So, it says Cingular on it, but will work as a unlocked GSM phone. (If the buyer prefers, I'd be happy to put the cingular branded firmware back on this phone for you.)

    $485, plus shipping.

    references: ebay - swinokur

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    el bumparenio.
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    no offense but, that price is kind of high...
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    Seems pretty cheap to me (at least what I've been seeing on ebay for new) Also, why the three posts? These are all completed sales.
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    okay - one last bump - anyone interested, or do I have to cope with the land of ebay?
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    i could be interested if the price were negotiable.
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