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    Im selling my treo 650. it has a whole bunch of extra programs and custom rom in it i will describe all he extra programs.

    causrie: this program is used for instant mesenging and it is in real time. you can connect to almost every im client with this one program and im everyone from msn aim icq etc..

    dir assist: this is jus like a phone book you type a name or adress it will find the number give you a map to the place or driving directions.

    file z manage all the filez in your treo

    light wav: this takes care of all your custom mp3 ringers and gif or jpg caller id photos. you can even take a video with the treo and use it as a caller id photo.

    mmplayer: this program lets you watch full movies that you have riped from dvd's you store the movies on the sd card and view them using this program.

    ptunes: this program is used to use the treo like a ipod. you store all your full lenth albums on the sd card and listen to them using this program. this program also streams from the internet so you can get shoutcast etc on it

    those are the main programs but it comes with loads of extra games itilities etc but most of those were free . the programs i listed are the ones that cost money with the exception of dir ***. the treo has normal wear on it and im also including these extras:

    1 gig pny sd card to store all you music movies pics etc....
    sony hbh-660 bluetooth headset

    im want $300 for everything
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    I want it, e-mail me and tell me how you want to receive payment.
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