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    I have 3 extra chargers and sync cables for either the 600 or 300. I also have a car charger that serves either phone, plus a Handspring charging/sync cradle for the 300. There is also a Seidio T300 leather/vinyl cover and belt clip. Make me an offer I can't refuse !
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    Here are the details:
    2) New Power Supply/Sync Cables for Treo 600 and 300

    (1) New Power Supply for Treo 600 and 300 (no sync cable)

    (1) Car charger for for Treo 600 and 300

    (1) Handspring Charging/Sync cradle for Treo 300

    (1) Seidio Leather Pocket for Treo 300 with ratchet belt clip

    Send your bids to me on each item, or buy it all at a big discount

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