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    Hey guys,

    decided to sell my treo 650. I bought it 6 months ago directly from Palm One. converted it to Verizon and was using it till recently. just switched to Moto E815 phone.
    So i decided to sell it.

    Included are:

    Sprint Treo650 currently on Verizon but can be converted back
    Its in very good condition. 2 nicks on the antenna (didn't drop it, but managed to scratch it. and also i nick below the screen on the plastic part.
    Screen is flawless since i had screen protector on it since i bought it.

    Also will include the original MLS codes to be flashed back to Sprint if needed.

    All accessories that come with it.

    Also included is Mine's Serial Cable so you can access treo650 and convert it to sprint if you want.

    128mg SD card perfect to flash those custom roms to the treo without using ur current SD card

    Price is $350 OBO plus $10 ground shipping.

    This can be activated in the current state on verizon or can be converted back to Sprint use.

    PM me or email me at kalex1114 at gmail dot com
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    would you like to trade for (4) 17" Tenzo-r AV-7 wheels email me at for more info and pics
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    Do you still have this unit for sale? I'm interested. email is

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