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    I've got a Sprint 650 in great condition for sale.

    It has a screen protector on it (boxwave I think).
    Comes with
    - 2 batteries (the one standard and one extra)
    - Transcend 1gb 45x SD Card
    - Original box and packing material
    - Desktop Cradle, charger, sync thingy
    - (2) of the 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo headphone adapters
    - Leather side holster case
    - Car Charger
    - The Stylus that is the Pen/Stylus combination (it's great)

    I think that's it. I switched to a verizon i730 so I don't need this anymore. I'm not sure what to ask so I'll take serious offers. I've got a 160 positive feedback on ebay and am paypal verified as well.


    Kevin R.
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    hello. just a few questions... i'm new to the treo so forgive me if some of the questions sound like i'm a bit of a novice... how long have you had it? no scratches? is it rev a? (i'm heard this is important). anything else i haven't thought of?

    by the way, i have all positive feedback on ebay and am also paypal verified...

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    I've had it for quite a while. Since it first came out. I haven't had any problems with it at all. It's also updated to the latest rom. I'm not sure how to check the rev??



    Ps. I also have a car charger for it and will update my first post accordingly.
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    Any scratches, blemishes or like imperfections on the plastic case or screen?
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    would you like to trade for (4) 17" Tenzo-r AV-7 wheels email me at for more info and pics
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    I'll buy your 1gb SD card from you if you wouldn't mind parting it out.

    PM me if interested? Thanks!
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    Is this still available let me know im interested and serious

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