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    In box with brand new, unopened accessories, one of two I ended up with at the same time (got carried away bidding on eBay):

    - Treo 650 GSM, unlocked and with full 1.13 GSM update
    - Treo is completely unbranded with a silver case and metallic blue screen surround
    - I've tested it and it works great (I used my T-Mobile SIM Card); I've reset it and put it back in the box; it still has the screen protector and camera protector attached

    - All manuals and CDs (note: box and manuals say "Cingular" even though the phone has no logos on it at all; the phone is unbranded and has only the Palm splash screens)
    - USB sync/charger cable (brand new, sealed)
    - Power adapter (opened it to charge the phone; otherwise brand new and still with tie around it)
    - Ear bud headset (brand new, sealed)

    Contact me here or via PM if you're interested.

    - Steve
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    where are u located at?
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    I'm in the Bay Area, California.
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    I'm interested... I have the same setup for Sprint that I can't use. How much? Want to trade?

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