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    When I got my Visor earlier this year I noted that the screen was soft and scratched very easily. I was told at the time I could send it back if I wanted to. I decided to wait until it was good and covered with scratches.

    Now it's pretty pitted and scratched up despite my owning a PDA Panache stylus, so I emailed customer service today to enquire about the possibility of a screen exchange.

    They emailed me back and told me if I wanted to get the screen replaced I have to pay $85 US and send the Visor first before they'll send a replacement.

    Is this true? I thought a screen exchange was done for free the first time?

    Given that I'm technically adept surely there must be a way to replace the 'plastic' covering the lcd screen because it seems quite spongy..?

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    What on earth are you doing to your Visor? These babies are feathertouch, man.

    I decided to wait until it was good and covered with scratches.

    If it's not cracked or broken, get it replaced at no charge.

    mr. kia

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    There is an $85 charge for all scratched and broken displays. This use to be a free about 7 months ago...not anymore. I think its even more expensive to replace a Prism with a damaged display.

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