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    I'm fed up with VelcroŽ cases!
    I'm looking to switch to a Handspring case because I'm hoping the snap-clip will be more secure (it is, right?!).
    Do you have one you'd like to sell me?
    I'd really like one with the zipper closure (custom), but I'm not too picky.
    Also, if you have any suggestions (materials, color, tips, etc.), please e-mail me.
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    i have a brand new slim leather case, that you can see at
    still in its box.

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    I know some people who have velcroed the hard cover to their case, which allows them to snap in their Visor to the velcro case...
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    Thanks for the tip ... but I'm really sick and tired of VelcroŽ -
    which is why I'm looking into a HS case in the first place! =)

    I tried to e-mail you separately -- but your prefs aren't set to receive mail via this forum.
    Yeah, I'm interested, depending on the price. E-mail me and we can get down to specifics!

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  5. #5 has a special on the Ti-Slider for Visor. While it doesn't use Velcro, it doesn't clip in either.

    It is lined with neoprene and is held in by the friction of the Visor-shaped cutout in the neoprene.
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    Man, that thing looks really cool, but I'm wondering about practicality.
    Lugging it around is likely more effort than I'm willing to put forth at this point.
    I carry my VDx on me just about all the time (at work), so I'm looking for a case that will carry a few biz cards, some "just in case" money and a Visor - and that will still slip into a jacket pocket or briefcase easily. But I don't think I want to clip it on my belt. Just too cumbersome.
    The Ti-Slider would be great if I was trudging around in the woods instead of the office.
    But thanks for the tip.
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    Well then, make your own case!

    make it to your own specs =)

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    Nice job, Mr. S!
    Your creativity impresses me, but I'm looking for something a bit more contemporary.
    I'm the first one to shout "function over fashion," don't get me wrong.
    Your case works for you, but it's just not quite what I had in mind.
    But thanks for the tip, none the less.

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