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    Looking to buy an authentic Verizon Treo 650 (not Verizonized). I have one and want to get a 650 for my brother for his birthday. Naturally, going through Verizon is too expensive and eBay sellers seem a tad shady. Email me: denny AT
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    Denny, I have a Verizon 650 that I used for less than a week before I got another as a replacement from the insurance company for another phone I had. You cannot tell it from new and it is in the box with everything that came with it. I even put in the manual that was never unwrapped from the other phone. I also updated it with the new update that came out a week or so ago. Make me an offer by PM. I would need payment by PayPal. You can look at my feedback on ebay. I wasn't planning on selling it, but I hate to see it just sit on my desk not being used.

    I would really like to trade it for a like condition GSM 650 (if anyone would do that).
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    I saw your email that you were looking to buy the above phone, we just bought some are selling for very good prices, brand new with accessories complete.

    If you are still interested, please send me a mail at, if its good for us, we will sell to you, hope to hear from you soon, thanks.


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