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    I just called to return my Visor so I could upgrade to a Casio EM-125 (I'm sorry, I love PalmOS, but Handsprings horribly obvious downplaying of the flash memory thing is kinda getting to me) I called to return it today.

    Got my RMA #, and was told it'd take 72 hours for them to process the return, obviously, then was told it would take 2 - 3 weeks for it to actually show up.

    Now I know my bank is NOT THAT SLOW on crediting stuff back, they do it in less than a week on debit cards. If she was refering to Visa, they take only a few days.

    So then - does that mean handspring takes their sweet time debiting back my card or what? I don't REALLY want to wait 3 weeks for my $450 - that's just irritating.

    Has anyone else returned a Prism for a refund? How long did it take before you actually got your $REFUND$?
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    I don't think it takes that long. I think the agent might have you told you that so that you don't call back two days after returning your Visor.

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