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    My company is moving to Blackberries so I am swtiching to a RAZR as I can't bear the thought of carrying both a a Treo and Blackberry.

    It's 7 months old, near pristine condition. I have a new P6 case (from Treo Central), a spare battery, spare travel charger and all orginal accessories, discs, etc. in the the original sprint box. I've a a write-right (Protector) on ithe screen since day one).

    Tiny (literally) nick on snub antenna and similarly, barely visible scratch on bottom corner of phone case. You do have to look hard, but there is full disclosure.

    I'm looking for an easy sell as I find EBay, Paypal too time consuming, especially given my hevay travel schedule. Anyone in the Chicagoland area interested in making a fair offer that would be a quick and easy to transact? I live and work in Northwest burbs.

    I have a few other trinket accessories (headset adaptor,etc. that if i can find I would throw in).

    Try emailing me at

    My Sprint plan ends 8/2. I can leave any
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    E-mail sent.
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    I forgot that I will also include a car charger for no addditional cost. It works fine, but the fit is not "snug". In other words, if the phone is charging on you ar armerest or drink holder it's fine. If you pick the phone up to talk half the time the cord pops out. Just a good back up for long road trips or topping off your power.

    I think I've figured out how to resurrect my old Paypal account so that can be an option.

    If no luck here in the next day or so I'll just go the Ebay route. I also have my wife's Samsung VM-680 (barely used, maybe 2-3 months old?) if that's of any interest to anyone. We both switched to Cingular from Sprint. Check Sprint's site for details on that.
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    The phone has been agreed upon to be sold, thanksfor everyone's interest.

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