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    I called on Monday to have HS send me a new Prism because I've been having the Graffiti problems folks are discussing elsewhere on VC. It was supposed to be sent UPS 2-day. It being Friday today, and no unit on my doorstep, I called in to inquire why it hadn't arrived yet. The rep told me that a memo came around their offices today indicating Prism is on back order, expected about 7 business day turnaround or something. I don't know if this is an RMA-only thing or a general supply backorder.

    Anyone else finding that their order is delayed?
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    Must of been a real recent thing. I know mine was sent out on Wednesday. Which means you should have gotten yours if they were going to ship Mon or Tues.
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    Ordered My Prism over a week ago (October 24th) with a travel charger and it is back-ordered! Told by CS to wait an extra week before calling back.
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    They told me (during a seperate, earlier call than I mentioned earlier in this thread) that the USB Travel Charger was also on back order (although that isn't mentioned on the site either), and that it would be about two weeks. I think I figured out from that time that meant around mid-November.

    Ironically, since I called for an RMA my Prism suddenly has improved tapping/Graffiti recognition. Not perfect, but a lot better. Maybe I scared it straight :-)
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    Handspring now says that the Prism will take 7-10 business days to ship (time from order to arrival that is) regular delivery; they said that they "cannot take express orders at this time." I spoke to them twice and they said the same thing, so at least they're consistent. I just placed my order, so we'll see...

    They also said that the travel charger will ship "within the week."

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    Not to far off. Mine took 8 days to get her with the free shipping.
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    Tommorow will make two weeks since I placed my order and it is still "backordered".
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    They're already low on stock on Prism's eh?

    Well, I just tried to return mine and was told of the "2 - 3 week refund period", and really don't want to even risk waiting that long since I need the refund by next week.

    I'm almost wondering if I'm better off ebaying it and hoping for $430 or something rather than waiting Handspring to refund my card. (Or, hell, if the backorder gets too ugly, getting twice that based on 'supply and demand' (ie: PS2 and Ipaqs )).

    Hell, if anyone on this board wanted a week old, perfect condition (a writeright went on the screen the second I opened it), never dropped, never bumped, tested and tried Prism for $440, I'd much rather sell it to a fellow PDA user than rely on Handspring to take care of the refund...if anyones interested, email me at or icq me at 10287907...
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    In case anyone is interested, I ordered my Visor on Sunday Nov. 5, it left Salt Lake City UT today, and is due to arrive on Mon. the 13th via UPS ground. So, barring UPS snafu, it should arrive within the 7-10 business days promised. The travel charger is still on backorder, but they say it'll ship "by the end of the week."

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    The stupid travel charger is holding up my order. They don't do partial shipments to Canada...anymore
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    i ordered my prism late last wednesday and got it friday.

    i am now waiting for my replacemnet that will hopefully fix the grafitti issue. i called on monday.
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    Finally got my replacement Prism today. It works great, even with a WriteRight screen protector applied!

    USB Travel Chargers are still backordered and HS support was unable to tell me anything about the schedule on those when I spoke with them today.

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