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    Just got rid of cingular and switched to sprint, treo in great condition, looking to start at 400, not sure how much they go for, but would be wiling to deal.

    Email me or leave a message here if interested.

    Shipping would be on you, how ever you'd like to have it shipped.

    Can take pictures if intersted.

    Thanks, Rob.
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    Bump. Could lower to 375, anyone?
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    Those pictures are horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by string3599
    Those pictures are horrible.
    Yea, thats thanks to the treo 600. =/ If someone is intersted i can try to rummage up some better ones
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    would you be interested in a partial trade including a 2 month old V710?

    email to papp101 at neo dot rr dot com.

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