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    Well my company has now insisted I migrate to their NEXTEL service with the blechberry device. Consequently, I no longer have use for my TREO device(s),

    Here's what I have.

    3 1/2 month old 650. As new condition, car charger, leather clip holster original box, books, and manuals. It's an unlocked unit that I used on the Cingular Network. $300 is a fair deal, and I'm firm on this price.

    I also have my old Treo 600 which still works like a champ its a bit over a year old, and comes with car charger, leather case, home charger. I'd like $100 for this one. Also a Cingular Unit.

    Either PM me or email me directly.

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    E-mail sent.

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    Email/PM sent. I'll take the 650 if it's still available. I just lost mine with my T-Mobile sim and I'm ticked, and I need a new one asap. Email me at moviecutter (at) mac (dot) com.
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    Email sent on the 600
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