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    I ordered a Treo BT headset from them a while back and it was DOA, wouldn't even charge. Oh well, not their fault. So I sent it back and they received it on 7/21 and they still haven't processed my RMA. I sent them a message and they replied "give us 15 days to process your return." 15 DAYS! OH MY GOD!
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    Isn't this standard for online returns? They say two weeks to be safe, but it's usually processed sooner?
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    No. 15 days AFTER they received it. Why the heck would it take two weeks? On their info page they say if you want it sooner you should order another one from their website. I don't think I'm merely being impatiient, two weeks is unreasonable and just plain uncompetitive. If you're ok with all this then by all means order form them, their prices and shipping times are great, but all these leading edge electronics are flaky at best and I want a better turn around time on RMA's. Perhaps saying that they flatout SUCK is a little harsh but this thread is appropriately labeled RANT therefore it's accurate. SUUUCKS!!!
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    BTW,from your user name I gather you fly a C130. I fly a CL65.
  6. #6 The c130 has a completely unrelated meaning. You're not the first to point it out.

    I agree...15 days is too long to have to wait for results. I was asking if it was a safety measure, by the company, to over-estimate the turnaround time. That was what the "?" meant at the end. I was trying to give you hope and calm your rant
  7. #7 does suck. I don't want to get into the long details of my story, but let's just say I live right next to their headquarters here in SoCal and would love to be supportive of them. However, during my last (and final) experience with them, it became VERY clear that they are not one bit focused on the customer, just on making a buck. They will hold onto your money as long as they can and they have some shady business practices. Just one tip if you do choose to shop with them, beware of their free shipping program! Just because it's in stock when you purchase the item with free shipping doesn't mean it will be in stock when they finally release your significantly delayed order for shipping. I will never shop with them again.
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    OK so they finally processed my RMA and sent it to me. Took them 8 days after they received it, that's better than 15 days but still way too long imo. I even payed for overnight shipping to begin with, but the prepaid shipping label for the RMA was ups ground, adding another 6 days or so to the process. I couldn't call them either because they don't publish any phone numbers. Those are the facts. I'm not buying from them again when there are so many better options out there.
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    Will not buy from them. So bad customer service. I just learned that Fry's got really bad customer service.

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