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    I just got a replacement Treo 650 from Cingular. It's brand new, branded Cingular. The battery, cable, box, and software CD are all from the original Treo purchased in June. The battery was charged and almost fully discharged about three times (I suffer from battery OCD). All items appear brand new, but the actual phone is truly new, with all the relevant pieces of plastic still in place. $425. I can "probably" get the unlock code from Cingular for the purchaser. Please email me at if you are interested or would like pictures/payment options/etc.

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    I got the above phone unlocked for a buyer who wanted it unlocked. So now it's an unlocked, NIB Cingular-branded 650 for $425. The phone is, again, a warranty replacement. It has zero minutes on it, no nicks, scratches, marks, etc. The screen still has the factory plastic on it, as does the camera lens. It's just unlocked now.
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    still available?

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    Still available as of 8/11/05. I'm in NYC but can ship pretty much anywhere.

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