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    I haven't decided on this with certainty, but I'm considering getting my son the 2 mg Visor, just to play around with (he's 6 and is a whiz with my IVX!).

    Does anyone have the basic Visor that they're interested in selling on the cheap? Color doesn't matter.
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    Staples has it for full retail with a $40 coupon, makes it $179-40=$139 new if you would like a new one.

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    Just a little tidbit... I have a basic Visor, and I love it. It's perfectly great, and space is the only issue. (I'm an AvantGo junkie) Anyhow, I think it'll be great for your son. Mine's brand new, but I'm not sure I want to sell it unless I can get a VDlx or something upgradey like dat. Reply if you know of any deals. I want to have some sort of Visor at all times.
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