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    Does anyone know where the Prisms are shipping from. I just ordered mine tonight and it's still being processed. I'm trying to figure out how long it will take once it is shipped. TIA.
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    Whoops, just realized I wrote HP instead of HS.
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    The Prisms I ordered (that's right, plural...I've had some issues with the device...3 times) each came from Louisville, KY. The invoice states this is HS repair center.

    And don't rely on the website order status page. I received my first Prism 2 days after I ordered it (I'm in South Carolina), and the site still showed my order as pending! Instead, call Customer Svc and they'll probably tell you it has been shipped. If so, ask for the tracking number (UPS, FedEx, whatever you paid for) to follow the progress via those websites.

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    Thanks, I called and they told me it shipped today.
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    Mine shipped from Utah. Atleast it showed up there first (on the same day handspring siad they shipped it) on the UPS tracking page.

    Good luck!
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    I tried entering my tracking# in ups's website but it says it can't find my # in it's database. I know it's the right one because it's the one I copied from HS tech support and it's the one that is list on there website. Does anyone know if it takes a while for UPS to update their databases or did HS just copy down the wrong #. Thanx.
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    UPS sometimes take a while to scan a package into their database. Chances are the number you have is good.
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    Thanx, I was a little worried that I'd never know when it was going to get here.

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