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    I have lots of parts and pieces available.

    3 x $25 Treo 180 Complete replacement screens (KB, digitizer and LCD)
    2 x $10 Treo 180 batteries
    1 x $5 Treo 180 Replacement button set

    1 x $20 Treo 270 Complete replacement screen (KB, Digitizer and LCD)
    1 x $20 Treo 270 battery

    2 x $30 Treo 180/270 Complete shells (Flip, back, SIM card tray, antenna, power button, KB and buttons)
    Plus other misc stuff.

    Pics available on request.

    T270 screen has crack along bottom edge but fully works.
    I got most of these parts from joeysmith here and frankensteined my treo 180 together until the motherboard died. I have tested all the parts listed here. I'm looking to save up for a T-Mo T600 or T650.
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